Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Golden in the Silence
Beyond the farthest reaches of space and time, in the stillest and darkest portion of night, our bodies submerge themselves into the most silent of created space.  This is where our dreams, visions and solitude merge as one.  A place where soul communes with Creator.  Where time is meaningless and a holy peace engulfs you.  This is the place where I am, each night, when the most priceless of all gifts begins his search.
And in the stillness of subconsciousness an inner draw emerges and starts to rise, to seek:
The need of completeness
The need of him.
 For in this serenity, in the stillness of still,
before reality and listlessness combine to form thought,
his soul stirs for its missing piece, his separated half, his unifying connect.
And reaches out.

To that place where love and lust, sensuality and carnality,
and homage and exploration converge.
 The same place where adoration and veneration,
where submission and dominance,
 punishment and reparation
Wrap themselves together as one.

A holy abyss
 Where distances are toppled
Where cares are forsaken
and both muscle and soul ignite to become one.

This is the only place I need to be.
The only place that matters.
A great, heavenly realm
where the self-doubt and insecurities
that seek to destroy me
 are dissolved and burnt to ash
by his will alone.

And as our mindless hearts grasp
and pull ourselves in closer yet
It all makes sense.....
The residual redness,
The discreet, tender bruise
beneath his now gentle touch.
The mark.
His mark.
I am his.
And our souls are now complete.

I can attest how each step we take has already been ordained by an Almighty, incredibly personal and loving God.  His great love has determined where we go, what situations we will meet in life, and all the good that will influence us on our life's journey.   He gives us the precious gift of specific friends exactly when we need them!   In this past year I have made new, priceless friends within our community. Their strength and compassion has made life's situations not to be lived alone, but to be born by an entire family. This gift is not to be thought about lightly, but one to be prized and kept as priceless treasures.  Thank you for trusting, for teaching and for
loving.  Life has forever changed because of you.